Accreditation Services – International Spill Accreditation Scheme (ISAS)

The environmental regulators in the UK welcomed the introduction of industry best practice guidance offered by ISAS to provide the benchmarks to avert or mitigate a pollution event.

EuroSpill offers the opportunity for members and others to have their organisation and training accredited by the independent ISAS scheme, which has been supported both in the UK and Ireland through UKSpill and ISAA.

Spill Response Industry

The spill response industry engages in high risk activities that if carried out by untrained or inexperienced contractors could present a threat to human health or the environment.

The independent ISAS accreditation scheme has been established to set and maintain standards in spill response activities. A core of the UK and Irish spill response contractors have committed to such standards and have invested in training, equipment and accreditation. The opportunity exists with EuroSpill to extend this service via online services throughout Europe.


There is recognition of the ISAS accreditation schemes in UK and Ireland are recognised by Government Agencies.

Government Approval

ISAS secured the approval of the UK Maritime & Coastuard Agency (MCA) in 2018 to be the Accrediting body for the new Marine Standard for Oil Spill Response.