About EuroSpill

Our aims:

The New EuroSpill will, as an Environmental and Sustainability orientated partnership, be an Association of companies together with academia and government combatting pollution from plastics and other hydrocarbons by promoting its Member interests and activities throughout the world, with events, exhibitions, and accreditation services.

Our vision:

To provide a new platform for private, public, not-for-profit organisations, and individuals (as members) to promote, explore and recognise environmental and sustainable practises, which will support them through the life cycle of their business. These developments and initiatives are related to upstream and downstream hydrocarbon and chemical products including plastics, oil, chemicals, and others including solvents, fertilisers, and pesticides. 

Our mission:

To develop the broadest base of cross sector membership in the plastics, oil, and chemical areas as a member driven organisation.

Events and Exhibitions
To build on an established partnership, as a founder of Interspill. To develop new events independently, and in partnership with others to provide promotion, networking and technical forums for the membership. 

Technical Accreditation
To develop and audit standards for sustainable performance in combatting pollution that allow other organisations to have confidence that standards are met and adhered to. To introduce Spill Response Accreditation for companies and organisations throughout Europe to all spill response organisations, and environmental agencies.

To raise funding from Membership, from Events and Technical services, and secure government and other project funding for promotion of member activities.