Eurospill Relaunches into CleanSeas

Times change, so Eurospill is reinventing as part of Eurospill CleanSeas, a NEW pan European pollution cluster, led by the spill industry and with support from science and government.

Eurospill CleanSeas combines an industry association, forming a cluster  with science, industry and government, and a series of events. The first stage, a new website, is now in place

Oil spills remain, but plastic waste in the marine environment has become the centre of attention, which will be a NEW focus. Today, words like “clean the world” are indicative of a shift in business interests from oil spill to plastics pollution. Oil spills still occur, but plastic flows constantly and needs industrial scale to clean up, much of which already utilises technology developed by the oil spill industry. Oil spill design/technology has a role and opportunity with plastic clean up as demonstrated in the Ocean Cleanup developments which are using booms and other designs derived from the oil spill experience.

Eurospill CleanSeas will generate new business opportunities from both existing oil spill and new plastic pollution markets through collaboration with industry, science and government. Eurospill CleanSeas will enable both established and new organisations to profit from collaboration.

Contact Roger Mabbott, Director, Eurospill Association for more information

Roger Mabbott, Director, Eurospill Association